Grace Classes

Grace Classes focus on personal spiritual renewal, biblical and theological foundations and practical instruction to experience what it means to live a life of renewal and spiritual vitality.

Our desire is for everyone to take an occasional four or six week class throughout the year to grow deeper in their gospel understanding. If you are interested in a more in depth study, ask Colin about serving on a Round Table.

If you have any questions about classes/scheduling at Grace Mills River please contact John Shelley at

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Spring 2018 Grace Classes

EQUIP: Servant Leaders with Gospel-Centric Foundations
Sundays 10:45 AM, starting April 22nd in room 305. This is a fast paced, content heavy introduction to gospel-centric leadership at GMR. The class would be helpful for anyone who would like an intense overview of the foundations of our faith so that you can be better rooted and equipped to understand, communicate and engage others at home, at work, at school or beyond from a gospel perspective.

RELATE: God's Grace in Your Suffering
Sundays at 10:45 am. Starting April 22nd in Room 125. There are never quick fixes or easy answers when it comes to suffering. But even when you can't immediately see God's hand - when the struggle is hard and painful - he is working. Weaving together Scripture, several writings and personal stories we will have honest discussions regarding the Presence of Abba in our pain.

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