What's the Big Idea? "LIVE: for God’s world, as God’s family, in the joy of God’s gospel."

by Stacey Chacon on February 11, 2018

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A Congregational Meeting and lunch was held on February 11 following the second service at Grace Mills River (GMR). At this family gathering, GMR Lead Pastor Patrick Lafferty and several GMR Elders shared about the vision for Grace Mills River in this new chapter, the budget, financial details and future direction.

Patrick shared "the big idea" for Grace Mills River, continuing in the heritage and gospel values that have been Grace's foundation since its birth. Listen to the clip below as Patrick explains vision of what it means for Grace as one community to "LIVE: for God’s world, as God’s family, in the joy of God’s gospel."

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*Please note: A handout with the financial report shared on February 11 will be available at the Information Desk only through February 25. Please be reminded the financial report contains confidential information and we ask that it not be distributed publicly. Questions? Contact Becky Phillips, Director of Operations at