by Molly Angel on May 30, 2018

Please welcome local painter, Tina Duncan. She has painted 17 waterfalls of Western North Carolina and they are all being featured in Grace Gallery.

Artist Statement

After two decades of single parenting, I returned to college at Western Carolina University to finish my fine art degree. Graduating in 1988 with honors, I met and married another middle age student. After moving to Henderson County, we bought mountain woodland, designed and built our energy efficient home. Since retiring from the library, I’ve strived to improve my art with self challenges and painting workshops. These include Scientific Illustration with Smithsonian’s head illustrator, Oil painting with both Sarah Sneeden and Richard Nelson, and intensive study of Richard Schmid’s book “Alla Prima- Everything I Know About Painting.” The many awards I’ve won the past 10 years affirm my commitment to keep improving. Currently I am working on a series of NC waterfalls. I am free to paint what I love: clean water, my garden flowers, wildlife and North Carolina Mountains.

Ph: 828-458-4895