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Questioning Christianity Q&A

Questioning Christianity Q&A

Do you or someone you know have challenges about the claims of Christianity? We want to listen and engage with your questions and doubts. In this Wednesday evening series, Patrick leads us through a 7-week dialogue featuring Tim Keller’s Questioning Christianity series followed by an open and honest Q&A, delving into your questions about Christianity.

Due to copyright limitations, the recordings posted in this series are of the Q&A portion of each week's topic. You may listen to recordings of Tim Keller's 2015 Questioning Christianity for free available through their website (here).

Guest Speaker, Hunter Dockery

Guest Speaker, Hunter Dockery

Hunter works with the executive director Bob Osborne to develop
ministry partnerships. He’s passionate about helping people get a glimpse into the mission’s work and see how to invest leadership skills, wisdom, and financial resources into this ministry. Because of Serge’s recent growth, Hunter believes ministry partners are needed now more than ever.

2018 Advent:

2018 Advent: "Strong Female Lead—Led by God: An Advent Series in the Book of Ruth"

The Book of Ruth both connects us to the storyline of Jesus (they’re related!) but also to the beauty of Jesus--in particular His appearing in the flesh, His Incarnation. The struggle found in the story is in fact the struggle of all our stories. Let’s see how the way God works in that struggle explains why hearing this story makes perfect sense during Advent--the season when we practice waiting in earnest for His arrival.

Advent Project

If you’re looking for a special Advent devotional, we suggest jumping in on the Advent Project by Dr. Barry Corey. Click the link below to join in on this daily series that includes music, poetry, art and devotional. It’s one of Patrick’s recommendations for the season!

Everyday Faith: A study in the book of James

Everyday Faith: A study in the book of James

Every life is in some measure lived by faith--placing our trust, our hope, our aspirations on notions whose full reality we can only see through a glass darkly.  Faith is therefore an everyday thing. What then does it look like to live an everyday faith in Jesus as Lord? The letter from James to a church regarded either with great suspicion or utter indifference offers some assistance.