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The Highest Good

The Highest Good

The Highest Good: a series in the Sermon on the Mount

Some of the most celebrated and debated words Jesus ever spoke are found in His "Sermon on the Mount" (Matthew 5-7). But how we take them rests squarely on how we understand both what He’s done for us and what He calls from us. Over the coming months we’ll take a patient look at the collection of His sayings that arguably outline “the highest good,” taking note not just of what He said but of why it matters that He’s the one who said them. As we hear His way in the shadow of His work, what in the Sermon feels impossible will soon begin to look beautiful.

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As we study the Sermon on the Mount in our sermon series, we would like to share this 30-day devotional through the season of Lent from Christianity Today called "The Blessed Way".

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